pink flower

awesome pink flower in our backyard.

milky way

the milky way above the black forest.

dramatic crane

My first try with instagram effects for lightroom.

the rose

this is a not fully bloomed rose, which i captured at a cloudy afternoon.


finally i caught a transparent train ;).


some nice summer grass

corn field

lovely corn field in the sunset


An old and rusty door handle.

the tree

while hiking through very high snow we watched a lovely sunset. The really nice thing about it, was the fog in the valleys.

feeling smallish

i would like to show you with this withered plants that even when you feel smallish, the others around you aren't better than you.

dew in the morning

When i admired the beatiful sunrise, i looked down at the ground and found all the little drops shimmering in the early sun light.

a nice place to mix

After searching for a good place to mix, we found this antique.

left-behind flower

While walking through alpirsbach, i found this little artificial flower.

flower with pollen

Made this photo and noticed later how brilliant the pollen look like.

field flower

Found this field flower in my backyard seesawing in the wind.

the drop

after wandering through my backyard i found a old and dirty plank, which has this amazing drop of resin on it.

the unseen

Whilst waiting for a friend, I took a shot of this awesome flowers. Funny fact: Although this flowers grow in front of her garage, she did not recognize them. :D

too fast

after a few shots in schopfloch, this long exposure fascinated me with the flicker of the cars lights.

deep water

This is a small canal that brings water from the source to little basins.

flies in the sunset

this pic was taken while testing a new camera with a friend.

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